Statement about works and events

I am an artist and researcher currently undertaking a TECHNE funded PhD between the Geography Department at Royal Holloway University London and the Printmaking Department at The Royal College of Art.

The work looks at notions of the subterranean, experiences of darkness and the restructuring of the senses.

Working in the geography department has influenced and reframed the approach to making: Recent projects have experimented with the idea of fieldwork and with the expansion of the conference format; co-ordinating interdisciplinary, thematic events that exist outside of the traditional conference environment.

The work is inherently collaborative, often developed with other artists and I have also worked with earth scientists, an evolutionary biologist, geographers and historians - it is important to me that these relationships are ongoing and foster a sense of exchange.

A background in printmaking and a fascination with material investigation is at the centre of the development process of the work.

dark water .jpg