Contemporary Arts Society / Acts of Devotion

I was commissioned by the Contemporary Arts Society, to give a talk about the Shell Grotto in Margate in September 2018.

The talk took the form of an alternative tour of the Grotto and each of the group was given a map and a bracelet of shell and chalk.


How Like A Leaf program

I am pleased to be helping to co-ordinate a series of events supported by TECHNE and organised by Dr. Danielle Sands, RHUL. 

This TECHNE Conflux will bring together students from across different disciplines - including literary studies, philosophy, visual arts, music, history, classics, dance and theatre - to assess, adapt and develop interdisciplinary approaches to the relationships between art, nature and the world, with the assistance of world-renowned practitioners and theorists

Launch event on 3rd July


Open School East

I had the pleasure of working with the Open School East associates on the 16th June. The group are preparing for a project inspired by the subterranean. This was a chance to talk with them about my research and to share resources. 


In April 2017 I travelled to Boston to take part in the American Association of Geographers conference. In collaboration with Prof. Harriet Hawkins, I presented a printed silk banner as part of a session titled 'Voids' whilst Harriet delivered a talk.

In addition to this I travelled to Ape Cave, a lava tube in Washington State. 

'Loop & Return' shown at 'The Negligent Eye, The Bluecoat Liverpool 2014

'Loop & Return' shown at 'The Negligent Eye, The Bluecoat Liverpool 2014

Techne Student Congress 2017 'Platforms and Interfaces'

I will present work as part of the 'Digital Interfaces' panel chaired by Professor Jo Stockham