In April 2017 I travelled to Boston to take part in the American Association of Geographers conference. In collaboration with Prof. Harriet Hawkins, I presented a printed silk banner as part of a session titled 'Voids' whilst Harriet delivered a talk.

In addition to this I travelled to Ape Cave, a lava tube in Washington State. 

'Loop & Return' shown at 'The Negligent Eye, The Bluecoat Liverpool 2014

'Loop & Return' shown at 'The Negligent Eye, The Bluecoat Liverpool 2014

Techne Student Congress 2017 'Platforms and Interfaces'

I will present work as part of the 'Digital Interfaces' panel chaired by Professor Jo Stockham 

'These Pits and Abysses' was a one night event at the CLF Arts Cafe, Peckham.

6th December 2016

Contributions from Prof. Danielle Schreve, Dr. Rachael Squire, Prof. Harriet Hawkins. A interview with PIerre Schreve by film maker Lily Grimes, special permission to show 'Substrait' by Gordon Matta Clark. Artwork by Daniel Clark and a specially commissioned piece of music by Edn.Hak.

The set for the evening was made by Flora Parrott and is the result of an 8 month Leverhulme residency in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway University London.