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‘Posição Fixa’ Atelier Fidalga and Museum of Geoscience at the University São Paulo.

A continuation of the project ‘Fixed Position’; an exploration of the Geology and profound darkness of the PETAR cave network.

Professor Paulo Boggiani gave a talk about the formation of the caves in the gallery space.

When I am underwater, I find it easy to understand that I am contained in a field of substance. The substance surrounds me and imposes a force on my form. If I am underwater, my arm movements cut through the substance and there is a reverberation from my movement, the force my arm has made flows through the water in the shape of my movement. I can also see that my form has not only a definitive outline, but conversely a connection with the substance around me. We are solidly together in the contained space. I am set in my own outline, into the water, as well as dissolved into the water.



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