swell and subside 2.JPG

Swell & Subside 

Flora Parrott & Alan McQuillan

Public House Projects, Peckham


The starting point for the show was the Lunar cycle and the effect of the cycle on living organisms. 

Contemplating the Moon's constant presence, the artists are interested in making visible the pulsing, rhythmic forces that strongly affect our instinctive being. 

Using William Blake as a totemic spectral presence, Alan McQuillan meditates on the movement of the heavens, the planetary bodies and the mystery of those things which lie outside of us. 

Flora Parrott's sculptural configurations of instinctively chosen images and objects are arranged in a way that articulates a physical experience, illustrating the draw of the Moon from the hollow, deafeningly silent 'New' Moon to the immense tension of the 'Full' Moon. 

The two spaces are joined by lines made of clay on the floor and walls, each space a small 'shrine' to each state. Materials include: 

Bread, dough, flour, oak, steel, lard, copper and archival digital prints.