'The Cosmos' residency at Wysing Arts Centre, 2012.

It is believed that oysters are at their fattest during the full moon. When you open an oyster shell an entire universe is disturbed. Sliding in a blade through the sharp, layered exterior then turning it. The air rushes in and the muscle inside stretches and yawns. It is a split second which is hard to describe and yet the pressure and textures are familiar. It is as much a sound as it is a weight and shape.

With artists Stuart Whipps, Salvatore Arancio, Nilsson Pflugfelder & Patrick Coyle

Over the course of the residency I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Kenneth McNamara author of 'The Star Shaped Stone' and Nigel Pennick, both of whom heavily influence the work. The project developed at Wysing consisted of a steel framework which was positioned and repositioned, defining small cosmologies.