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‘These Pits and Abysses’

6th December 2016

CLF Art Café, Peckham

Flora Parrott, Leverhulme Artist in residence Department of Geography RHUL.


The work in the department began with a trip to Gully Cave in Somerset during the Summer of 2016. The cave has been the site of research by Prof. Schreve and her team for over ten years. The digging process, dynamics of the excavation team and the rhythm and significance of the finds became the core material for the work developed during the residency.


'These Pits & Abysses' was an evening research presentations, film, sound art and installation; all responding to the theme of ‘exploration of the subterranean’.


Professor Danielle Schreve (Royal Holloway University), Rachael Squire (Royal Holloway University) and Prof. Harriet Hawkins (Royal Holloway University) presented their research alongside sound works by edn hak. an interview with Pierre Schreve by filmmaker Lily Grimes, a Gordon Matta-Clark Film ‘Substrait’ 1976 and artworks by Flora Parrott and Daniel Clark.


The project was the result of Flora Parrott’s residency in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway initiated and co-ordinated by Prof. Harriet Hawkins and supported by The Leverhulme Trust.