‘When I Have Finished In Here I will Speed Back Up Again’

Gustavo Ferro & Flora Parrott

A Commission by Camden Council for ‘Camden Sentido’ 2016

 A glass of wine on her gravestone, someone had come to talk with their friend, talking out into the abyss.

On the 24th March 2016 Gustavo Ferro and Flora Parrott agreed to meet over Whatsapp between São Paulo and London. Each artist described what they saw as they walked, from the insignificant details to the monumental and iconic architecture of each city.

As the connection failed, the conversations overlap, the structure dips in and out of linear communication and slips into monologue. Batteries run out, time difference, light, security and language punctuated the flow but from this disjointed communication emerged profound encounters which developed symmetrically.

The conversation had no logical beginning or end, there was no special significance about the date or time. The externalising of thoughts, the awaiting response, the intangible sense of collaboration and connection.

The week-long exhibition in Camden Market in June is an reflection on the walk; The title is lifted directly from the text, written inside Highgate Cemetery.  It can be looped, split, reversed and misinterpreted. The translation into Portuguese is ambiguous.

The work extend the ideas of navigation and encounter that occur when negotiating ones way around a place.